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09 Apr 2015 14:00:53
Le Equippe are now saying RVW is on the verge of being recalled by NCFC. Perhaps to fire us into the prem!!

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28 Mar 2015 18:42:58
Reported in French press that St ettienne are not interested in signing RVW permantly {Ed015's Note - Hardly a surprise, he cannot get in the team at the moment,shame.)

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08 Apr 2015 08:57:11
If they don't want or need him, and with Grabban out why don't we just recall him now?

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23 Mar 2015 07:35:37
Reported in the edp that Chuba Akpom from Arsenal is in talks about coming in on loan, anybody know if he's any better than our own kids

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Give Loza more chances

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He is going forest

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He'll prob get more game time at forest tbh if we were to loan someone, they should be a bit more experienced than an u-21 player as we have done of those!

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12 Mar 2015 21:50:05
turner to Fulham on loan, maybe someone coming in ?

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Any thought on Jordan Rhodes??

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Don't think they will let him go with the FA cup game coming up

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17 Feb 2015 20:25:33
Dorrans to join on Thursday !!!

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Nearly, he joined today.

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You're wrong it is officially Thursday, but why nitpick

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Who cares what day it was, he's in and that's a bonus!

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03 Feb 2015 19:10:25
Dorrans to join next week once loan window reopens.


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This is true but not when the loan window opens as the maximum time we could take him for is 93 days so if we make the play-offs then he would'nt be available so looks like we will wait until the end of Feb to loan him.

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Lovely old job

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03 Feb 2015 00:39:31
Anthony Andreu joins Norwich City from Scottish Prem side Hamilton.

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Seen him play for Hamilton. going to be good. Reminds me of hucks. let's hope he's as good for us. cheers from wellsboy

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Been likened to fabregas!!!! hahahah, I've just watched his apparently amazing goals, amazing deflections and some amazingly bad scottish keepers, maybe 3 good goals in 12!!! you do not get great players for 1 million anymore, will be playing with lafferty soon i expect!!

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No way, he's going to be a real threat going forward. he's got a quality touch, and his movement is good off the ball. got to give him a chance. like you say he's a one million pounds, rather try him out, than get that 8.5 million flop wolfswinkel back.

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RVW is putting them away in France, can't write him off as a flop yet.

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Cant write him off as a flop yet???????? did you see any of last season, brilliant, he's scoring for another team!!! he couldn't do it in a decent league= FFLLOOPP

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So you saying that the French ligue 1 is not decent, come on mate, I you don't watch other football

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Yes i am, i lived there for 9 years, 3/4 decent teams, the rest are bottom half championship teams

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Can you define the word flop for me then, £8.5m for 1 goal!!!!!!

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02 Feb 2015 21:06:22
Kyle Lafferty off to Caykur Rizespor on loan for the rest of the season. Confirmed & done.

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02 Feb 2015 20:31:34
Norwich City have had a bid for Hamilton Academical striker Tony Andreu accepted

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An attacking midfielder, does this mean Johnson on the move?

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Johnson isn't a attacking mid he's a holding mid

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Yeah, I have heard that to!! £1million + though. ?? I'm not sure he is worth that much??

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Seen him play for Hamilton. going to be good. Reminds me of hucks. let's hope so. cheers from wellsboy

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£1 million's really not that much in today's football (even if you disagree with the inflation it's seen), and for a midfielder who's top scorer in his league, that seems incredibly good value for money.

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02 Feb 2015 20:08:00
Whittaker maybe on the move rumour has it that Carlton are interested in signing him

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02 Feb 2015 18:55:49
If Hull don't get Lennon, rumour has it they will make a last ditch attempt to get Josh Murphy for £2 million.

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Hope not, stay with us get more playing time than with a desperate outfit like hull

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02 Feb 2015 18:33:54
Reports suggest that Norwich and West Brom have come to a £4m agreement over the Graham Dorrans. The Scot will therefore be available to play against Blackpool for the Canaries on Saturday.

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Apparently a swap deal with olsson going the other way

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02 Feb 2015 18:10:34
Norwich want Craig Noone from Cardiff and are understood to have offered £2m

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I heard it was £4million. and rejected : (

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Just wait for it!

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He's not worth that sort of money 21 appearances in champ 1 goal and one assist and he's 27 I don't get why we are in for him?

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Craig noone's asking price is 600k - apparently Welsh newspapers are rubbishing the rumours and reports

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He has a asking price of 600k - Welsh newspapers are rubbishing the rumours and reports

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02 Feb 2015 15:57:48
Fee agreed for West Brom midfielder Graham Dorrans. Dorrans currently on route to East Anglia for a medical at Norwich.

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02 Feb 2015 13:59:21
Norwich have bid 4M for Graham Dorrans from West Brom. (Source: Sky sports News)

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Do we need him? Do we need anyone?

I've been seeing talks about Hoolahan linked with celtic & talks with watford over Bassong but i don't see either happening. Could do with another centre back.

Bradley Johnson has also been linked with Burnley.

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02 Feb 2015 11:36:12
Bradley Johnson linked with Burnley and Craig Noone of Cardiff City linked with Norwich, I hope neither materialize and if we do bring someone in it has to improve the 1st team and Craig Noone don't do that, we have better wingers than him in our starting 11

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02 Feb 2015 10:25:49
Noone and McCann rumoured

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We need them, so if we have injures we can play them

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01 Feb 2015 21:19:59
Wes Hoolahan to Celtic?

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Swap with commons

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Never mind the outs where the hucks are the ins

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31 Jan 2015 14:31:04
Turkish club Caykur Rizespor, are close to signing Kyle Lafferty.
Anyone have any more info on this

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Good, he is crap

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Please take him he is utter cack!!!!

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It's rubbish, he's not going anywhere whether you like him or not

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He has gone!! Thought it was paper tosh to be honest, oh well see you later Kyle

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29 Jan 2015 22:05:41
looks like Hendry is going to west ham !!

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19 Jan 2015 16:46:54
Swansea have submitted a 4 million bid for Olsson.

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Wouldn't like to see him go but if he wants to and the bid is a good one (4m not too shabby) then you can't really say no, hopefully AN will have a word and he'll stay to the end of the season at least!!

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He is one of 5 left backs that Swansea are looking at.

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I'd want more than 4m for him. One of our best players imo, even if he has been a bit patchy this season.

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Like I said, don't want him to leave but if the bid is good then sometimes you just have to say yes! 4m is a start, the club can always price him out of a move but risk having an unhappy player.

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I would let him go for 5+ and give toffolo a shot, been absolutely outstanding at swindon, garrido also has enough quality to be decent at this level

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Let him go for 5+Mill and AN can go back to his old club Hamilton Acadmicals and get the young and exciting left back Stephen Hendrie who has just turned 20yrs old and has attracted interest from a couple of prem clubs and looks very good. Would only cost may be 1 - 2 million as well.

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Transfer fee's are a joke, if Olsson is worth £4 to £5m it just show's how far out of touch football is with the working man, this use to be a release valve on a Saturday, but now it's just too expensive to go. best thing football could do is get shot of the agents, if players are bright enough to agree their own demands without some fat lardy guy taking a large cut, then fools they are !!

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4 m having a laugh, he's not worh 2m, let him go,

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Ever since he laughed and joked with Arsenal players as we went down, I've been wanting to move him on, good if he can be bothered, which isn't often and not someone you want around when the going gets tough, I'd bite their hand off at £4M!

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Spot on couldn't agree more, send him packing along with bassong

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Look like he will stay a Canary as Swansea just bought Kyle Naughton from Spurs.

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Naught on is a much better player plus he isn't the sort who would put in a transfer request altogether a much better bit of business for Swansea both in terms of ability and attitude.

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Nautons a right back ain't he?

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Kyle can play both RB and LB. But, there is now an article saying Monk is chasing Olsson as well. So maybe he is on his way out then.

Not too fussed. Javi can fill his boots well enough, and maybe depending on which league we are in next season Harry can get a run in the first team.

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Yep good old harry hill can fill ya boots

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18 Jan 2015 13:22:01
Norwich are after Chelsea starlet Alex Kiwomya as a long term replacement for Nathan Redmond.

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How can he be a long term replacement when redmonds only 20 years old

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That makes no sense, what difference does redmonds age make????

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Redmond is greedy

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Olssson has been below par this season. Hold out for 5Mil plus and give Toffalo a go.
I would only sell if we got Toffolo back or brought in someone else before hand as I don't think Garrido is good enough!

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17 Jan 2015 17:31:16
Peter Witingham linked I heard

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The great pen. taker

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14 Jan 2015 12:18:56
Norwich linked with move for out of favor Stoke Defender Robert Huth

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Yes see that just come back from bad injury and played 1 game in 14 months for stoke.

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How come someone has disagreed??????? do they have ears and eyes???

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Despite a good number of centre backs we have a problem there. We have players who should be good enough but the conundrum is that they don't perform. Plus we are near the top of the Championship for penalties conceded. One week they play like Superman the next week they are more like a couple of new born giraffes.

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Another penalty conceded by our cb unbelievable !

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11 Jan 2015 12:15:01
Transfer rumour, Neil going back to Hamilton to sign French midfielder Tony Andreu.

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We need to beef up our central defense not the midfield

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He's decent though

Agree12 Disagree3

I'd say the priority should be right back, not centre back. With Bassong potentially back and R Bennett, I think we're stronger there - a lot of the mistakes in that area were always going to come with little cover of the defence.

Agree9 Disagree4

Seems after a heart to heart with Seb today he has said he's happy to stay and play for Alex

Agree10 Disagree7

I think right back is a priority - whittaker just hasn't got the pace to cope with the best wingers in the league and unfortunately, I think Martin has lost a little bit too. A really quick attacking right back would give us more momentum going forward. Similar to Martin when we got promotion.

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Bassong is pretty awful though. Keen for 1-2 new defenders to strengthen our easily weakest area.

Agree7 Disagree10

A more focused Bassong would be an asset, allowing Martin to move to his best position of RB (even if it's not his preferred)

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Leave bassong where he is, he couldn't be bothered with us a few months ago, besides, he's one of the worst defenders I've ever seen, 1 season wonder for us

Agree5 Disagree9

We don't need a new right back Martin was my motm against Cardiff

Agree6 Disagree2

One thing we don't need is Bassong's well reported bad attitude infecting the rest of the squad.

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